Landlord / Tenant

Residential Tenancies

The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) was established in 2004 to operate a national tenancy registration system and to offer landlord-tenant mediation. It also provides policy advice to the Government on the private rented sector, and its dispute resolution service replaces the courts in relation to the majority of landlord and tenant disputes.

Landlord-tenant mediation and adjudication is provided as part of the service by the RTB, to both of the disputants in a landlord tenant case. This service is free of charge.

Some disputants may wish to appoint an independent mediator to assist in resolving this type of dispute in a private way. The mediator in this case will assist in clarifying the issues and developing workable solutions for the future relationships. This is usually a speedy process, low cost, efficient and effective.

Commercial Tenancies

Most commercial tenancies rely on a lease, which has usually been drawn up under the guidance of a solicitor. This is a legal relationship. There are two parties involved. Your rights, as either a landlord or a tenant, in relation to the Law of the land are important, and it is vital that you understand them. If you signed your lease with your solicitor s/he will be the best person to advise you regarding your rights.  Disputes when they arise are most often related to the needs of the parties. When there is a dispute in relation to a commercial tenancy, an informal process may be appropriate and a mediator may be able to assist both parties to resolve the issues.

As many such relationship need to continue into the future, it is important that issues are addressed in a focused way.  Identifying the issues clearly and calmly and developing solutions together can often improve the relationship, shift perspectives and bring about a mutually satisfactory agreement.

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