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Before Engaging a Mediator…

Our directory of mediators lists mediators by area. However any person employing the services of a mediator should in the first instance check that the mediator will suits their need. Ask about experience and credentials. Ask for a pre-mediation meeting. It is important that clients feel that they can relate to their mediator.

The Mediators Institute of Ireland is the professional body, whose mission it is to promote mediation, to uphold standards in the industry, and to accredit training courses for mediators, so that they can be trained to the highest possible standard. It is also charges with the role of certifying the competence of mediators, who present themselves to be assessed.

Independent mediators registered here may be certified by The MII (The Mediators Institute or Ireland) or not. Many mediators are experienced and practiced, with substantive knowledge of their specialty. Often these mediators have not felt the need to be certified, though they may have vast experience in their field of practice.

Many of our mediators are happy to travel to facilitate client’s needs. All will respond to enquiries re location, competencies etc.

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