Consumers/Customer Service

Consumers MediationGenerally, customer service is a top priority for any business in any industry.  Most companies focus on customer relations, and invest resources in this area of their business. Therefore it is usually in the best interest of a company to settle disagreements with their customers out of court. Consumer mediation helps with this, allowing companies to avoid long drawn-out disagreements and damage to their reputation.

Confidential Process

Consumer mediation is a confidential process. It is ideal for allowing a speedy, flexible and satisfactory resolution of the issues at hand.

The rights of consumers in Ireland are protected under various tranches of legislation, including EU Legislation. Citizens Information Ireland is a great resource for information on consumer rights and the law ( Mediation is often employed in the resolution of consumer disputes, frequently contractually. If this is offered it should be embraced, if not it can be requested. the Mediator is independent and impartial, and will work with the parties to bring about a satisfactory conclusion for all.


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