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Why Mediation? has been developed to provide a registry of independent mediators,whose expertise and experience ranges across all possible areas of conflict in cost effective and satisfactory dispute resolution.

People seeking information about mediation, or seeking a mediator will find a professional to suit their need. Areas of practice and experience include:
Separation and Divorce – Family Mediation:

Mediation for separating couples/divorcing couples is a cost effective process, addressing all of the issues which need addressing for a separation and divorce. The needs of the children, if there are children, are of prime importance in Family Legislation in Ireland, and these are completely explored in the process. Working things out in this informal process changes how couples and families go forward in their new lives as a separated couple/family. If a couple are going to represent themselves in the Family Courts, availing of the services of an experienced mediator will make their journey to Separation, Judicial Separation and Divorce, easier.

Organisational and workplace Mediation:

Early intervention in workplace conflict is vital. Many mediators have vast experience of intervention in workplace disputes. The earlier they are invited in the quicker the matters are resolved.

Commercial Mediation, including SMEs:

The possibilities for conflict in a commercial relationship are endless. Mediators take the view that all disputes are relational at their heart. Improving the relationships will improve the business. At this level mediation is an assisted negotiation.

Property Mediation – rights of way, boundary, neighbour disputes:

Property disputes tend to be chaged with emotion in Ireland. Changes in land law in recent years have brough about changes in the way we view our neighbour. Change causes conflict. Mediation can help. Early intervention is advised.

Succession – family and family business Mediation:

Yet another hotbed of conflict. Inheritance is often viewed as a right. Families have strong views about who may be entitled to an inheritance, and why. Succession planning can bring about a peaceful resolution in the family, and the family business.

Elder Mediation:

An area of work which respects the rights of elderly people to determine how they wish to live out the final years of their lives. New thinking tells us that decisions should not be made about older adults without their involvement, taking into account their capacity to be involved.
Community Mediation:

Community mediation is often offered free of charge to community groups, and resident’s associations. Mediators will indicate if they wish to offer a pro bono service.

Other areas of speciality include Restorative Justice, and Conflict coaching.

The Mediators Institute of Ireland (The MII) is the professional body, whose mission it is to promote mediation, and to accredit training courses for mediators, so that they can be trained to the highest possible standard. It is also charged with the role of certifying the competence of mediators, who present themselves to be assessed.

Independent mediators registered here with Why Mediation?  may be certified by The MII or not. Many mediators are experienced and practiced, with substantive knowledge of their specialty. Often these mediators have not felt the need to be certified, though they may have vast experience in their field of practice.

N.B. Any person employing the services of a mediator should in the first instance check that the mediator will suits their need. Ask about experience and credentials. Ask for a pre-mediation meeting. It is important that clients feel that they can relate to their mediator.
If you have questions about mediation, or a related matter we will make every effort to respond, with good accurate and independent information, or point you to another source if applicable.

Your Why Mediation? Team

Patricia Stafford
Eithne Boyan
Susan Calally
Jane Oslizlok

Patricia Stafford, M.A., A.D.R.

Certified mediator, Mediators Institute of Ireland

Masters Degree in Alternative Dispute Resolution (H.E.T.A.C  level 9) (Focused on commercial disputes and Organisational and Workplace conflict).

Post Grad (Level 9) Cert in Family Mediation (Combined with Legal Aid Board/Family Mediation Service)(NUIM).


Patricia has had a long working life in the property business, both in sales and lettings, and is qualified in Auctioneering and Estate Agency Practice (IPAV). Involved in Mediation in property disputes, Landlord tenant disputes, from 2004 Patricia worked for six years with the Private Residential Tenancies Board as a Mediator and Adjudicator.

In recent times Patricia has worked with  the Family Mediation Service (Legal Aid Board) where she studied for and was awarded with a Post Graduate Diploma in Family Mediation (separating couples).

Currently in private practice with Why Mediation?

  • Workplace Organisational
  • Family including Divorcing and Separating couples mediation
  • Succession
  • Community (Available for some pro-bono mediation)
  • Property
  • Commercial
  • Restorative practice – Peer mediation.

Wexford – covering Leinster and South East.

Email: info@whymediation.ie

Mobile: 087 2598010 (Preferred)

Telephone: 053 9168083 Back to

Eithne Boyan BA.MBA.RGN. Dip Mediation NUIM

Eithne is an Accredited Mediator with the Mediators Institute of Ireland


Eithne initially trained as a General Nurse/Midwife then moved to work in the Pharmaceutical Industry, working in Sales, Marketing and Management. As Managing Director of an International Pharmaceutical Company, she gained broad experience of change management and staff relations. She successfully managed two major company restructures.

On leaving Industry Eithne studied for one year at the Edward M Kennedy Institute for Conflict Intervention at NUI Maynooth. She was awarded a Diploma in Mediation and went on to work with  the Family Mediation Service (Legal Aid Board) where she studied for and was awarded with a Post Graduate Diploma in Mediation (separating couples).

Eithne currently works with Brehon Mediation Partnership where she works with families in dispute, including separating couples and sibling disputes.

She also works with SME’s who have internal employee disputes. Eithne lives on a farm in County Meath.

  • Separating and Divorcing Couples
  • Family, all issues
  • Workplace and Organisational
  • Multiparty – interpersonal
  • Commercial

North East / Midlands

Email: eithne@brehonmediation.com

Mobile: 086 249 7011

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Susan Callaly

Susan is an accredited Family Mediator whose background is in social work. She has particular interest in the needs of children in separation/divorce.

Susan has a wide range of experience of working with people and families in crisis. She strongly believes that effective mediation can be immensely helpful to families affected by separation/divorce.


Separating couples

  • Family
  • Healthcare
  • Restorative practice
  • Community
  • Civil
  • Commercial.

Kilkenny (Leinster and south East)

Email: susan@makeitmediation.com

Mobile: 086 045 6309Back to Top

Jane Oslizlok

Jane is a certified member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland, and specialises in Family, Separating Couples and Community Mediation.

  • Trained Family/Separating Couples Mediator – Family Mediation Service.
  • Community Mediator – MII/ Ballymun Law Centre.
  • H.Dip Mediation and Conflict Resolution – University College Dublin.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Social Work – University of Bath, UK.
  • B.Soc.Sc – University College Dublin.
  • Divorcing and Separating couple
  • Family Mediation
  • Workplace
  • Community

Jane started off her career as a Social Worker with the HSE in both community and foster care for almost a decade, following which she made the transition to locum work while focusing on her young family at the same time.

In more recent years Jane has built on her background in Social Work, and has made the move to Mediation, specialising in the areas of Family/Separating Couples and Community Mediation.

Jane firmly believes that helping people to communicate effectively with one another can greatly lessen acrimony and conflict, thereby facilitating satisfactory resolutions to issues.


Jane is based in South Dublin and North Wicklow.

Email: janemediator@gmail.com

Mobile: 087 6849850Back to Top

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